So many distractions…#sol20

Day 12 ~ March SOLSC

This has been a rough Slice of Life Story Challenge for me. For day 12, maybe I should list the things that are distracting me from keeping up with my writing.

  1. Report cards – I always have them to do at this time of the year, but for some reason, they’re distracting me.
  2. Reflection Journals – I’m going for an Advanced Masters in Educational Leadership and reflection journals are part of the work. These would be an additional priority for me this year.
  3. Readings. Lots of readings. – In addition to journals, I also have readings to do for class as well.
  4. Lesson planning – speaks for itself!
  5. Netflix – I can’t believe that TV is distracting me from writing, but I’m sort of addicted to the Grace and Frankie series. It makes me laugh, and I feel like I need some laughter in my life!
  6. Instagram and Facebook – I’m doing a lot of mindless scrolling these days. I’m upset with myself for falling into the trap of scrolling. I’ve put the phone away!
  7. Teaching – I have a slightly challenging bunch of first graders this year. My mind and body are definitely exhausted.
  8. Exhaustion – See above reason. I also have a 10 year old daughter in 5th grade who is beginning to get hormonal. I should also mention that our 5th grade is in Middle School. Middle school teachers are my new heroes!
  9. Being a mom, wife, teacher – Most rewarding jobs ever, but my biggest downfall is that I try to do everything. One day I’ll learn to actually ask for help!
  10. Coronavirus! – I’m not glued to the TV by any means. It just triggers my anxiety. But, the talk that’s happening in school and the planning for the possibility of an extended closure. I live near a “hot spot,” my mom is in her 70s and my grandma is 92. It’s all just too much.

All the things that are distracting me, led me right back to my writing. Hopefully, with report cards done and homework complete, I’ll be able to get back into my writing routine.

I’m participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge!  Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful writing community.  A place for us to grow together as writers. 

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