Monday Morning Struggle – #sol20

Day 2 ~ March SOLSC

Brrriiinnngg Brrriiinnngg Brrriiinnngg

I really should get up and work out…just a few more mins


Brrriiinnngg Brrriiinnngg Brrriiinnngg

Ok now…get up now and put those workout clothes on…ehhhh

(roll over and snooze)

Brrriiinnngg Brrriiinnngg Brrriiinnngg

Come on, you were going to get on that bike this morning – start your week off on the right foot. But it’s so warm and cozy in this bed.

(snooze and snuggle)

Brrriiinnngg Brrriiinnngg Brrriiinnngg

Ok, now there’s no time to get that work out in. Oh well, there’s always after work. But for now, there’s coffee!

(Out of bed to turn on the coffee pot)

The aroma fills the house. First sip – pure joy!

Happy Monday!

I’m participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge!  Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful writing community.  A place for us to grow together as writers. 

8 thoughts on “Monday Morning Struggle – #sol20

  1. Nothing like a warm and cozy bed on a cold morning. Your repetition and inner dialogue brought me right into the moment. Your bike will be waiting this evening.

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  2. The morning routine is so hard. I have tried for years to get up earlier and do a workout…but I would rather just get up drink coffee and watch tv. Maybe someday my routine will change …will be more productive.

    Also…love that first smell and sip!!

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  3. I can feel that inner conflict that you have built here. I am so NOT a morning person, and exercising would be the last thing I would get up early for! 🙂 Enjoy that coffee!

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  4. There is nothing like being snuggled under covers on a cold morning. Add one cat curled up in the small of your back and another keeping your feet warm and there really is no reason to get up. If course, being retired helps with that decision.

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