#sol19 ~ “Jen” Day


Something very rare happened today – I had a day off.  All. By. Myself.  And by very rare, I mean like never.  Ever. (Well maybe once).  You see, being that I’m a teacher and a mom, whenever I have a day off, my daughter does too.  Don’t get me wrong, I love having the time off with her.  BUT….Today, my district got the day off due to an unused snow day, and my daughter did not.   So, low and behold, here I was with a day to myself, or as I named it, a “Jen” day.

For this very rare occasion, I decided not to just spend the day catching up on any chores.  Cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping never leave me alone, so I was not giving them any extra attention today.  When I found out I had this “Jen” day, I made a promise to myself that I was going to put myself first and do things I wanted to do without any interruptions.

Please join me on the “Jen” day train and see all the stops I made today.

First stop… School drop off.  I don’t often get to drive my daughter to school.  But, when I do, I’m usually in a rush to get to work so it’s a speed drop off and a yelling out the door “have a great day – bye!” kind of thing.  But not today.  I sat in the car line, patiently, singing to the radio with her.  I pulled up to the drop off spot and we shared a nice kiss on the cheek and a happy “bye, love you, have a great day!”  Pure joy!

Next stop…


At home workout.  Music on.  No interruptions.  Pure joy!

After that…


Coffee shop.  Just me, a dirty chai, and a muffin packed with protein.  Pure joy!

Next stop…


A girl’s gotta shop!  While the trying on part isn’t joyful, getting some good deals is definitely pure joy!

And for the final stop on my Jen day train…


A pedicure and a good book.  The ultimate relaxation for my pretty busy day.

I definitely enjoyed this day to myself, but I think it was extra joyful because it doesn’t happen often.  It made it something to cherish.  I look forward to spending time with my family and I love them more than anything.  But we all need a little “me” time.  It keeps us all happy and healthy.

Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful writing community.  A place for us to grow together as writers.  Join us for SOL Tuesdays!

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