A birthday & half birthday

Day 26 ~ March SOLSC

The music is playing – the signal that it’s time to start waking up my girl.  I walk into her room quietly, lean over, and gently place a soft kiss upon her cheek.  “Good morning, Princess,” I say softly into her ear – an inch from her little nose.

She turns her head towards me and peeks with one eye.  She’s not making a mad face or growling at me, so that’s a good sign.

I smile at her and say softly, “Hi baby.  Time to get up.”

Her eyes flicker and suddenly a huge smile appears on her face.  Still a little groggy and not focused, but she looks toward me and says, “yay.  Today’s my half birthday.”

I feel myself smile and giggle.  “Ok, or it’s Bubba’s actual birthday.”

“I know.  But it’s my half birthday,” she answers back.

Emma and her Bubba (my younger brother/her funcle) have had this birthday/half birthday thing going since she understood what birthdays were.  On his actual birthday (today), they celebrate her half birthday and his birthday, and then on her actual birthday (Sept. 26), they celebrate her birthday and his half birthday.  We all find it so funny – it’s one of their things.  We can’t mess with their niece/uncle bond.

Anyway, to celebrate, we typically go out to dinner and then have cupcakes or cake.  They also take a birthday/half birthday selfie.  But this year, we had to take a raincheck on the dinner and cake.  (Don’t worry, they got their selfie).  Bubba had a meeting tonight and Emma had ballet class.  So, we just couldn’t fit it in.  The celebration of Bubba turning 35 and Emma turning 9.5 will be postponed until another day.

Does this now mean they’ll be thinking their birthday (half birthday) celebration will last longer than one day???


Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful writing community.  A place for us to grow together as writers.  Join us for SOL Tuesdays and the March SOL challenge!

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