Weekend Coffee Share #sol19

Day 24 ~ March SOLSC

Coffee share inspiration from Ecletic Alli and Tammy’s Reading/Writing Life



Sit back and relax – Let’s enjoy a cup of coffee.  I’m on my second cup this morning.  I had to settle for a regular mug to use.  While I was washing my favorite mug, it slipped out of my hand and it broke.  My heart broke a little too.  My coffee just tastes better in my favorite mug!

Anyway, if we were having coffee I’d tell you that last week was a long week.  First day of spring.  Full moon.  Rainy nor’easter.  Indoor recess.  Yes a long week it was.  But, we ended our week by going to the computer lab and my 1st graders were so excited about blogging.  I hope their excitement continues.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my daughter and I went to Bridal shower yesterday.  My husband’s cousin is getting married in May and she invited our daughter.  Emma is so excited to be included.  Most of the time, weddings are just for the grown ups.  She didn’t know what to expect with the bridal shower, so she brought her markers and sketch pad.  She drew the entire time and didn’t even notice the gift opening.  She survived her first bridal shower!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m getting more and more excited for Spring break in a few weeks.  I can’t wait because we are going to meet up my Aunt Judy and rented a cabin together to spend the week.  She lives in Florida and I don’t get to see her that often.  Normally, I don’t want to rush time.  I usually want time to slow down so I can savor every minute of every day.  But this time, knowing that I’m going to be seeing her soon, I find myself wishing these weeks would just fly by!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m enjoying this March Slice of Life Story Challenge, but this year, I’m finding it harder to get ideas down.  Maybe it’s because I’m waiting until too late to write and then I’m tired.  Maybe it’s because I’m not as focused.  Who knows?  I show up to write every day (even when my idea isn’t great) and I really enjoy reading other slices.  This community of writers is just amazing.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I enjoyed chatting today.  I didn’t have as much to share but would love to hear how your week was.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful writing community.  A place for us to grow together as writers.  Join us for SOL Tuesdays and the March SOL challenge!

5 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share #sol19

  1. I love the format of this slice. I’m having a hard time getting going with writing slices this year, and especially this week, since we are on spring break and I won’t have new school kid stories to tell. I might have to try this one day! Sounds like you have a lot to look forward to in the not too distant future.

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  2. I enjoyed our chat! I can’t imagine indoor recess with 1st graders, especially this time of year when I think the kids are even more full of energy and anticipating spring break. I’m having a harder time writing slices this year, too. Part of it may be not having spring break this month. Last year, I had two weeks off during the challenge, giving me more time to reflect and write. Enjoy your visit with your aunt!

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  3. I love feeling like we’ve just been sitting together and chatting. It’s good to catch up. 🙂 I hear you on the struggling with getting ideas down. I, too, have been doing most of my writing just before bed, which isn’t the best time for me to enjoy the writing process. Good for you for continuing to write anyway. I’m glad to read your posts!

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  4. I really enjoyed sharing a cup of coffee with you this morning! Sharing a cabin with your aunt sounds lovely. My week was super busy, but now I am on my spring break and enjoying a relaxing weekend. I will go get my second cup of coffee and read a few more slices. Have a wonderful week.

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  5. Oh no!!!!! I can totally emphasize with you with regards to having that special coffee mug. I collect hand made ceramic mugs. I heard a study one that the mug makes the coffee taste better. When I almost broke mine the other morning, my heart skipped a beat. Sorry for your loss. Cheers

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