My not so little sidekick

Day 23 ~ March SOLSC

I was thinking about what to write while driving home from a quick trip to Walgreens with Emma.  I feel like I’ve been having some trouble figuring out what to write.  Or haven’t felt like any of my ideas are worthy of a post.  I should just start writing and see where it takes me.  But, again, I waited until 9 o’clock to sit down with my laptop and write my post for day 22.  So I turned to my girl…

“Emma, what should I write about tonight on my blog?”

“Hmm, why don’t you write about how I help you all the time?”

I stayed silent.  The shock of her statement about helping me all the time left me speechless.  Obviously, she rethought her words because this is what she said next…

“Ok, wait, maybe not that I help you allllll the time.  More like how I’m your co-pilot when we go places.  Like today when we went to the bridal shower and then the time we drove and picked Bubba up from the airport.  That was so fun.  I really like being your co-pilot.”

She is definitely right about that one.  She really is my little (ok not so little) sidekick – my co-pilot.  We spend a lot of time together.  I’m so thankful to be able to get home from work with enough time to enjoy time with her before bedtime.  And, we also get to spend every vacation together as well.  Of course, with all the time we spend together, it’s only natural to get on each other’s nerves.  It probably doesn’t help that our personalities are very similar also.  But, I wouldn’t want it any other way.  She keeps life exciting and joyful.

I’m glad I asked her what I should write about tonight.  She reminded me to pay attention to the little things – the tiny moments.  Now, we’re off to snuggle on the couch with some tea.  I know it’s late, but it’s a Saturday night.  We can sleep in tomorrow.


I’m participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge!  Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful writing community.  A place for us to grow together as writers. 

5 thoughts on “My not so little sidekick

  1. I am having the final week slicing blues today: what the heck to write about?? If my family was awake, I would definitely ask them. I always love the surprise I get when I ask my son what I should write about. It’s often something I would NEVER consider writing about!! I love how Emma sees herself as your co-pilot and I feel your joy in the time you get to spend together.

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