Monday morning – Daylight Saving Time

Day 11 ~ March SOLSC

My alarm sounded and my heavy eyelids flickered open a teeny bit.

Wow it’s crazy dark still, I thought to myself.

I peeked at the clock, eyes still blurry, thinking that it must be the middle of the night and my alarm was wrong.  Nope, it was 5:15am – my normal wake up time.

So why was it so dark then?,  I wondered.

As my eyes opened and closed a few more times, and my brain started to defog, I was reminded of that “lovely” thing we did this weekend – Changed the clocks.  Oh, Daylight Saving Time.

I slowly got out of bed and did my usual morning stuff – turned on the coffee, picked out my clothes, watched the weather channel, drank my coffee, ate some breakfast, and got dressed.  All that good stuff I do before it’s time to wake my daughter.

I checked the clock and it was time – I never know how it will go.   The Hamilton soundtrack began playing on her echo dot.  And I waited.  Peeked in the door, and waited.

Will she get up on her own?  Will she be happy or mad?  Should I go in and say good morning?  Maybe I’ll just stay right here a little longer.  I really have to get her moving, so I’m going in…

I slowly climbed onto her bed, gave her a kiss on her cheek, and said “good morning princess.”  Then I backed up and waited…

She flickered her eyes (the same way I do) and then just started talking to me about Hamilton and the song that was playing and then about the last song on the soundtrack.

Well, that’s not what I expected at all!

I just stood there and let her talk (rambling away).  When she finished, I told her it was time to get dressed.  And that’s where I messed up!  It was like a switch went off – one minute she was talking up a storm and the next minute she’s burning mad that I told her to get dressed.  Yup, a typical morning.

After what felt like an hour (really maybe 20 minutes), she was dressed, still grumpy, and we were on our way to the car.  As she was getting into the car, she bumped her head on the door and then the tears started.  Whimpering with real tears rolling down her cheeks.

She looked at me, through her glassy eyes and said, “Today just sucks, Mommy.”

At that moment, my heart broke for her.  Mornings are tough for her.  Monday mornings are tougher for her.  Apparently, the first Monday of Daylight Saving Time is the toughest.  In my rush to get out of the house, I sometimes forget just how tough it is for her.

I looked at her, smiled and said “you’re right honey, this morning was hard, but please don’t say ‘suck.’  Let’s say ‘stinks’ instead.  The day can only get better.”

And off we went.  I sure hope her day got better!


I’m participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge!  Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful writing community.  A place for us to grow together as writers. 

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