Blogging excitement

Day 9 ~ March SOLSC

Yesterday I introduced my kiddos to my blog and told them all about this writing challenge.  I actually can’t believe that I waited so long to tell them.  In the past, I’ve always told my kids on the first day of the challenge.  Anyway, I showed them my poem from Friday and then showed them how people can comment on my writing.  They were mesmerized.  And then this happened…

“Would you writers ever want to blog?  (blank stares)  Like type your writing on your own blog and then you can read each other’s and comment?”

And then, the room erupted into cheers and clapping and lots and lots of chatting

“Yes!  Can we really do it?” 

“I already know how to type and can do it pretty fast.” 

“Do we need to type writing we already have or can we write anything?” 

“We can write anything!?!?”

“Can we do this for Free Write Friday?” 

“Can we do this every day?!?”

“How do we do it?  Do we get a password?”

I calmed the crowd and showed them the class KidBlog page that I had already set up.  I gave a brief preview of the page and how they would log on and save their drafts.  Explained to them that we’d be learning this together.  Then I picked a popsicles out of my jar to see which kids would use the computers and iPads first (I only have 2 computers and a few iPads).  I set each of them up and they got started – the rest of the class had to use our “old fashion” writing tools – pencils and papers!

Once our writing block was over and the drafts were saved, we reconvened for our share.  The kids who had to use pencils for writing (oh the horror!) wanted to know about the blog.  For their first time, the “bloggers” were able to tell the other kids how to start a new piece and how to save it and one girl even discovered that she can change font color.  At the end of the share, the kids asked if I can email their parents the blog and their passwords because they want to work on their writing over the weekend.  I was speechless and of course I did it!  I’ve been getting emails all day about new posts being added to the blog for review.  One little boy has 6 posts going!

And to think I was nervous about introducing the blog.  Nervous that I wouldn’t be able to teach them how to do it, or the lack of devices would be a struggle.  But these kids just figured it out and there is a new excitement about writing.  The kids who didn’t get to use the devices on Friday will get their turn on Monday.  I can’t believe I waited this long – but better late then never!


I’m participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge!  Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful writing community.  A place for us to grow together as writers. 

12 thoughts on “Blogging excitement

  1. “At the end of the share, the kids asked if I can email their parents the blog and their passwords because they want to work on their writing over the weekend.” YES! Way to go, Jen! That excitement came from such a deep place in those kids that they want to write AT HOME!! Can’t wait to hear more stories of your class of bloggers! Oh, and I think it actually worked to your advantage to have limited devices because those that had them first were then able to teach the next ones to get them! That’s community, right there! Thanks for sharing!

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