Staring out my window

Day 5 ~ March SOLSC

I stand by my window, staring out.  Slowly, slowly, slowly, the crane lifts one steel beam off of the ground.  Gently, it glides toward the man sitting on the beam that’s already in place.  He’s just sitting there, legs draped over each side, straddling the beam.  Like it’s no big deal that he’s up on steel beam.  Just business as usual.  It amazes me and I just keep staring and wondering.

I’m pulled out of my wandering mind when I see the crane start to move.  The beam is getting closer and closer to the man.  Easy – easy.  Suddenly, the man stands up.

My heart is pounding “Oh my goodness.  Please be careful.  Don’t watch.  Look away.” I say to myself.

He starts walking to the corner while the beam is dangling alongside of him.  I hold my breath.  He’s not walking too fast, but not slow enough for my nerves.  I keep watching – anxiety and all.  I just can’t look away.

He begins to guide the beam dangling from the crane into place.  He begins to bolt it into place and I can now see that he has his harness on and is strapped to the beam.  “Oh, thank goodness.  I can breathe better now.”

Sometimes I wonder why I put myself through things like this, watching something I know is going to make me worried.  But the work these guys are doing to put an addition on our school, is just amazing.  Some people are scared of teaching first grade.  Some people are scared of heights.  Me? Yeah, I’ll take first grade every day over walking around on steel beams – even with a harness!


I’m participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge!  Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful writing community.  A place for us to grow together as writers. 

One thought on “Staring out my window

  1. Cool transition from your observation to teaching first grade! We all aren’t meant to walk on stand on steal beams nor is everyone meant to spend their days teaching and loving first graders! Thanks for sharing!

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