Just let it be…

Day 4 ~ March SOLSC

The forecast last night called for 5 – 8 inches of snow.  My grocery store had lines down the aisles, toward the back of the store, for checkout.  A friend had said that the store was crowded since early in the morning.  I had milk and bread and the snow wasn’t going to be too bad.

I didn’t go to the store.

Lots of people were posting on Facebook…Will school be closed?  Will we have a delay?  Will they let us know tonight?  Will we get the robo call at 5 in the morning?  I would never want to be the one who has to make that decision.  You can’t possibly please everyone.  Whatever decision you make, at least one person (usually more) is going to be unhappy.  And then when that happens, watch out Facebook, you’re gonna hear it!  My daughter’s school called for a 2 hour delay the night before.

I didn’t worry about my phone call.

My husband is a volunteer firefighter and they had to report for storm duty last night.  He took his clothes for work and a blanket and went to the firehouse.  Emma and I snuggled in my bed.

I didn’t worry about him not being home or the snow – just snuggled my girl.

5:15 this morning, my phone rings – I have a 2 hour delay.  I rolled over and reset my alarm.  I slept until 7!  Then had a nice cup of coffee while listening to the snow plows and looking at the snow covered yard outside.  Relishing in the calm and beauty of the snowy morning.

I didn’t worry about the snow.  Didn’t stress over the waiting game we play each storm –  delay or no delay – school or no school.  Didn’t worry about the hubby not being home (this one shocks me the most).  I just let it be and it actually felt nice.

What a beautiful morning!


Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful writing community.  A place for us to grow together as writers.  Join us for SOL Tuesdays and the March SOL challenge!

8 thoughts on “Just let it be…

  1. I never regret the times when I step back and just let things be. I’m learning (probably because of age 🙂 ) that worry and control take a lot of effort, and it’s wasted effort when we could be savoring the sweet moments like you did today!

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  2. Nope, wouldn’t want to be the one who makes the call about delays and cancellations. We got the call last night that we were closed so there was no stress at all last night or this morning, although I do think they could have gone with a delay– can’t please everyone!!!

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  3. I have to learn to do that! I sometimes get annoyed with the weather people, they usually get us all wrapped up in a big snow storm that never happens. They did that again this week and it just resulted in a dusting.

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