One Little Word (OLW) 2019

This is my third year trying One Little Word for the year.  The first two years sort of flopped.  My first word was Breathe, and it made sense to me in the moment.  However, it ended up being an impulsive choice – didn’t really try it on for size.  Then the second year, I made a list of words, read through them, pondered, and chose Prioritize.   Again, in the moment, and with more careful thought, it felt like the right choice.  But, just like the word before, it didn’t stick with me throughout the year.  I guess they weren’t really the right choice.  Or maybe their purpose was to help me be more thoughtful and reflective.

Now, here I am, finally writing about my word for 2019.  I’ve had it in my mind, in my notebook, and it’s always part of my day for longer than this month.  My word for this year is JOY.

The journey to choosing Joy actually began at the beginning of this school year.  Last year, my first grade colleagues and I had lots of ups and downs.  Some of us were dealing with personal issues, and then the list of things to do for school became overwhelming, and we had some tough classes.  When we started getting ready for the year, we all decided that we were going to “find the joy” in some way, every day, to keep us going.  I feel like we’ve all been focusing more on the positives and helping each other find joy each and every day.

I’ve been spreading the Joy to my personal life as well.  I just believe that even in the worst and gloomiest times, there’s still joy – sometimes you just have to look harder to find it.  My quest for this year and always is to Find the Joy!

Maybe the key to a successful One Little Word is to find others to go on the journey with you?! (Even if they don’t know it!)

What’s your OLW for the year?


3 thoughts on “One Little Word (OLW) 2019

  1. Love, love, love this! I am so happy to be putting JOY first alongside you! Some days it’s easy to find and others a bit challenging, but it’s changed my outlook! Love you!


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