The Dance

Day 30 – March SOLSC

Poetry Friday with a poem that comes directly from a memory that’s etched in my heart.

The Dance

What a wonderful world

Starts playing

He looks at me

And tilts his head towards the dance floor

Not too long ago I would’ve said

“No way” and ran off

But I grew up – no longer embarrassed

I slowly rise from my seat

And take his hand

Moving to the rhythm of the song

He begins to sway to the left and to the right

“I don’t know how to do your dances” I say.

“Don’t worry. Just follow my lead”

Back and forth, back and forth

Swaying to the music,

Covering the dance floor,

Feeling the music take over – 

All while he sings in my ear

“And I think to myself, what a wonderful world.”


When I return from this memory,

I keep my eyes closed a little longer,

savoring this memory.

I swear I can still hear my dad’s voice singing in my ear,

Feel his hand in mine,

And my head resting on his shoulder

While we sway to the music,

following his lead. 


I’m participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge!  Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful writing community.  A place for us to grow together as writers. 

8 thoughts on “The Dance

  1. This is a lovely memory, captured beautifully by your poem. Whilst reading the first verse I had many questions. Who was she dancing with? What was the occasion? I went back to the title of the song “What a wonderful world,” for clues and still had questions until I read the second verse.

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