Clogged Drain

Day 28 – March SOLSC

An expected problem while on Spring Break – a clogged tub drain.  For the past week or so, we’ve noticed the water draining a little slower than usual.  While showering, the water tends to pool over the feet.  I kept telling the hubby about it (because obviously I can’t handle a slow drain myself) and he kept saying “yeah I’m going to flush it out soon.”

Well “soon” happened sooner than we had both thought.  Yesterday, Emma took a shower when she got home from school.  Still a slow drain, but nonetheless, the water went down.  When Brad got home from work to shower, that’s when it happened – no draining.  The water rose and stayed.  It wouldn’t budge.  He took the drain out and tried to work his magic – but nada.  It was late, so we had to wait until today to deal with the clog.

I guess it’s a good thing I’m on vacation this week because I could be home to let in our Super and the “Drain Guy.” The “Drain Guy” brought in his machine – the snake!  I showed them to the tub, and backed away!

The two guys were chatting away about other jobs they had for the day.  I could hear the machine getting set up.  Suddenly, the snake came to life.  The motor whined, and whined, and whined as the snake crawled deeper and deeper into the pipe.  I thought to myself “how far is that thing going?”

Right as I was thinking that, I heard our Super say “Wow, you going all the way down to the river?”

The Drain Guy responded without skipping a beat, “I think I just pulled up something from the river.  Hair today, gone tomorrow!”

I sat on the couch and held in my laughs as I heard him say that.  Not only was the Drain Guy amazing, he was also hilarious.  However, his next question had me doing the opposite of laughing.  “Does she want to see what we pulled out?”  (Gag! Ummm no!)

The Super quickly said “nah, let’s just through it out.”

“Ok.  You know a lot of people want to see what I pull out of the drain,” the Drain Guy replied.

Well, buddy, I’m not one of those people!  I don’t need to see anything but the water flowing down that drain!  I thanked them and off they went to save another drain from the Hair Monster.


I’m participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge!  Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful writing community.  A place for us to grow together as writers. 


4 thoughts on “Clogged Drain

  1. I love that you sat in the other room and listened in on their conversation – and you know, I think I might be the kind of person who would want to see what got pulled out. I know it would be gross, but I’m just so curious… Glad your drain is flowing again 🙂

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