Bad mom moment – maybe

Day 15 – March SOLSC

I might be a bad mom.  There I said it.  I guess I got too focused on my blog and Slice of Life writing, that I wasn’t paying attention to my daughter.  (But I’ll take writing as a distraction)

Anyway, this is how it all started.  She was in her room getting ready for bed.  Her light was on.  Her music was playing.  I told her I was going to write my blog and then I’d be in to put her to bed.  She said “ok, I’m going to just be in my bed.”

After what I thought was only a few minutes (apparently it was a little longer), I noticed a real sense of quiet in my house.  No more music.  No more chatting to her stuffed animals.  No more singing.  But, her light was still on.  I thought she was still reading.  I figured she’d call me and ask me when I was coming in like she always does.  So I kept on writing and reading other people’s posts.

When I finished and went into her room to tuck her in, there she was – bundled up in her blanket (her cherished stuffed animals in her arms); fast asleep with the light still on.

She went to sleep on her own.  I didn’t tuck her in.  I didn’t give her a good night kiss while she was awake.  I didn’t do anything.  She just read, listened to music, and put herself to sleep.

So, yup, bad mom status for ignoring my kid.  But wait!  She put herself to sleep!  She didn’t need me.  She’s growing up.  I’m not sure if I should celebrate or cry – maybe a little of both.  Hopefully she’ll need me to put her to bed again tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!



8 thoughts on “Bad mom moment – maybe

  1. It’s so hard to just slow down, stop, and focus, isn’t it? I feel so guilty on the regular because I don’t just stop and focus on my kids for a solid 10 minutes. And, I mean more than just play with them and their current toy of choice. I need to try to clear my mind and focus on my kids and the moment. Instead of running a list in my head, just appreciate their giggles and genuine innocence. I don’t do this enough, and I know it. We all have our “bad mom” moments. But, as long as we don’t hang up our mom hat fully, I think our kids will still love us. 🙂

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