Mornings captured through dialogue

Day 13 – March SOLSC

Brad, your alarm’s going off.

Brad, your alarm’s going off.

Brad, alarm! (now tapping him – gently of course)

Come on Brad, you gotta get up.

I’m going to get coffee.

Brad, here’s your coffee.  Come on get up.  Time for work.

(I go get some cereal, then come back into our room)

Come on, Brad.  You have to get up for work.  I’m going to get ready now.

(While I’m getting ready, Brad gets up and ready for work, gives me and Emma a kiss, and is out the door before I’m finished)

Emmmmmmmaaaaa.  Good morning, Emma! You gotta wakey wakey. (she groans)

Come on little girl, wakey wakey. (one eye opens and rolls at me)

Momma loves you. (groan)  I love you (another groan)

Come on Sweet Pea, time to wake up (rolls over towards the wall).

I know baby.  It’s still really dark out.  I didn’t want to get up either.  But we have too.

(I’m hugging and kissing her now)

Come on Emma, you have to get up.  You can do it.  Come on. (more groaning but she sits up)

Ok Em, time to get dressed.  Here are your clothes.  Come on, Em.  Get dressed.  (Walk out of the room to grab the lunches and put them into our bags)

(Walk back into her room) Emma, come on.  Sit up.  Put your shirt on.  Put your pants on.  You can do it.  Come on.  Put on your socks and shoes.  Don’t lay back down.

Let’s go, baby.  You’ll have to brush your teeth and hair at Grandma’s.  I have to get to a meeting.

(after what felt like an hour, she’s dressed and ready)

Ok Emma, get your jacket.  Put it on.  Get your backpack.  Don’t forget your violin.  Come on, out the door.  Let’s go, let’s go.  Hurry up, I’m gonna be late.

(Down the stairs and off to the car we went)

This is a pretty typical morning in our house.   Although, this morning, Brad turned on the coffee!  You see, none of us are real morning people, but my hubby and daughter really don’t like waking up!  The darker mornings are not helping since we changed the clock and lost an hour.  My “go-tos” are lots of short phrases and repetition!  In the past, I’ve said “Wow, I feel like a broken record,” but Emma had no idea what a record was, so the saying didn’t work with her.  Maybe one day (other than the weekend), I won’t have to repeat myself!


I’m participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge!  Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful writing community.  A place for us to grow together as writers. 

10 thoughts on “Mornings captured through dialogue

  1. Talk about dialogue as a tool to reveal characters and relationship! This is really well done! You seem like the world’s most patient partner and wife! Yikes!

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  2. A “this is real life” post! I really dislike the commercials that show folks waking up with the sun’s rays beaming into their bedrooms, smiling as they stretch and leisurely make big breakfasts before casually heading off to work. Teacher mornings are rarely like that!

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  3. I really connected with your Slice. Your dialogue mirrors the dialogue in our household. This morning we were allowed to sleep in because of another snow day and, surprisingly so, everyone was up at the crack of dawn. Tomorrow will be the opposite!

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