Sunday To Do List

This Slice is a little related to yesterday’s post about Procrastination.

Sundays are usually filled with many jobs to do.  Mostly because I take Saturdays off and save all my jobs for Sunday!  Who am I kidding – Every day is filled with jobs to do, but Sunday’s just feel different.

Here was my list of Sunday Jobs:

  • Laundry
  • Gym
  • Menu planning
  • Food shopping
  • Church
  • Work on Report Cards
  • Cooking

Here’s what I actually got done:

  • Laundry (all of it including towels and sheets!!!) & put some of it away
  • Searched on Pinterest for food ideas for the week
  • Made a food shopping list
  • Watched a “Fixer Upper” marathon on HGTV
  • Played Word Crossy on my phone
  • Made dinner in the Crock Pot
  • Cuddled with my daughter (She was feeling mopey yesterday)
  • Thought about report cards and wrote 2 comments (mostly)

At first, I thought I really didn’t get anything accomplished yesterday.  While I didn’t get to cross off all of the things on my list, seeing what I did do written down, actually makes me feel like I didn’t waste a whole day.  Yes, I let myself get distracted by T.V., internet, and games, but I also got to snuggle my girl.  I may not have gone food shopping, but we won’t starve.  I may not have gotten enough report cards done, but they’ll get done (they always do).  And, I also learned that writing down what I’ve done makes me realize that I’ve been productive, even if I veered off of my “To Do” list and procrastinated a tad bit!


I’m participating in the March Slice of Life Story Challenge!  Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful writing community.  A place for us to grow together as writers.  

3 thoughts on “Sunday To Do List

  1. I loved the juxtaposition of your two lists. All too often, we fail to give ourselves enough credit for what we cross off the list, so thank you for the reminder to be sure that I take time to do that! Glad you got some snuggles with your daughter, too!

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