Reflecting on my blessings – Part 1

screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-10-42-06-amSo, I missed Slice of Life Tuesday.  I have vacation brain!  But, you see, I did have every intention of writing yesterday, but then got distracted.  My plan was to write in the morning,  but the pool was calling our names.  Then, I thought I’d write in the afternoon, but going out for a drive to explore Myrtle Beach had called our names.  Then, I decided to write when we got home after dinner, but snuggles on the couch with my girl called my name.  So, here I am a day late, but feeling the need to write.   These past few days of relaxation, thinking, reading, and spending time with family, has made me notice and focus on the people and things that I’m blessed with in my life.

There are so so so many things in life to be grateful for, so I’m thinking this is going to be a multi-part post.  Today, I’m just going to start by highlighting some (there are many more) of the people in my family that I’m truly blessed with.

My blessings:

  • A wonderful husband who knows me better than I know myself many days.  Who is my rock and knows how to help and comfort me when I need it.  Who is protective and takes care of our whole family.  Now, if only he could read my mind and know what chores/jobs need to be done without me asking – yeah that would be even more wonderful 🙂
  • An amazing daughter who has a determined but loving personality.  She amazes me every day with the things she does and says and I need to be better at pointing those out to her.  She’s feisty and has trouble controlling her emotions.  But, she’s also very kind and attuned to how others are feeling.  She knows when people are feeling down and will give hugs to make them feel better.
  • A mom who is my best friend and quite possibly the strongest person I know.  At times I know she doesn’t feel so strong, and I wish she would just lean on us a little bit to help her keep her strength.  She has been through many hard times, but my wish for her is to put the most focus on all the good times.  I hope she knows that we are all her supports that will keep her standing tall – no matter what.
  • A brother who has gone from being my “little” brother, to being my friend.  He’s had to grow up faster than most people his age, but he has become an amazing man.  I often think he worries too much about filling my dad’s shoes, and wonder if he realizes that he doesn’t need to fill any shoes.  He has his own shoes and my dad is walking right there with him – always.  As he gets older, I see more and more of my dad’s personality in him.  It definitely makes my heart happy and I hope it makes him smile.
  •  An aunt who is like a second mom to me.  Her and my mom are technically cousins, but they might as well be sisters.  I love everything about their relationship.  They laugh, they bicker, the love each other.  Every night at 9pm my aunt calls my mom.  It’s their nightly check in (even though they’ve probably spoken like 50 times during the day).  She looks out for us and my mom looks out for her boys.  She’s such a huge part of our family.
  • My father-in-law who was the missing piece to our family.  Finding him and reuniting with him six years ago just filled our lives with so much joy.  Old wounds were healed and we got to experience a father’s love again.  Also, I now know where my husband and daughter get their hard heads from!

What are you grateful for today?  What are the blessings in your life?  Take a minute out of your day to stop and think about them.  It truly puts a smile on your face and fills your heart with joy.

Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings. – William Arthur Ward

Come back tomorrow to read Part 2 of my gratitude posts!

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