#sol17 ~ Summer PD

screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-10-42-06-amTeachers don’t work during the summer, right?!?  Well, anyone who is a teacher knows that isn’t a true statement.  The only truth to that statement is that we technically aren’t in our classrooms with our students because our school year is over.  BUT, many of us are still working in some aspect.  We are either teaching summer school, taking classes, participating in twitter chats, reading articles and/or books to help us continue to learn and become better at our craft – and the list goes on.

I’m lucky enough to work in a district that provides wonderful professional opportunities throughout the summer.  So far I have participated in two classes this summer.  The first was a 2 day literacy institute where we focused on writing (yay!).  And then, these past two days, I have been part of a class/study group where we were learning about Seesaw, the digital portfolio.  All of this learning is getting me really excited for the upcoming school year.

It’s no secret – I’m a lifelong, year round learner.  But there’s something different about the learning that happens during the summer.  It’s like a more relaxed kind of learning – relaxalearning (yup, now I’m making up my own words)!  I mean, I sit in my PJs with coffee and read books in the morning. Currently, The Innovator’s Mindset and Disrupting Thinking are my two “teacher” books (both recommended).  I also take my writer’s notebook to the park with my daughter and while she plays, I observe, write, wonder, write, think, write.  At night, I sit on my couch, with my lap top, and join in on some Twitter chats.  I will admit – the Twitter chats scared me, but I just jumped right in (kinda like I did back in March with the Slice of Life challenge).  During the school year, there aren’t as many times for the relaxing type of learning!

Of course, I don’t just spend my whole summer learning and talking about school, even though it’s kind of hard not to.  Learning and teaching are my passions.  However, I do cherish all the extra time I have to enjoy my other passion – my family!  While I’m excited about a new school year to apply some of my learning, I’m way more excited for our family vacation in a few weeks.  A teacher’s summer should be for relaxing, recharging, enjoying “free” time, and sneaking in some learning opportunities as well.  How are you relaxing and learning this summer?

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 7.04.44 PM

Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful writing community.  A place for us to grow together as writers.  Join us for SOL Tuesdays!

2 thoughts on “#sol17 ~ Summer PD

  1. Yes! “relaxalearning” I love it! I agree – summer learning is a wonderful thing. I read Disrupting Thinking too and loved it!

    Thank goodness for summer — a time to pause, learn, relax, write, and get ready!

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