Life Lesson for Today


I thought I was going to have nothing to write about for today’s Slice.  I mean I could write about how my daughter made her First Holy Communion this weekend.  It was a great time – but, ehh I wasn’t really feeling that slice.  Or I could write about how PawPaw and Grammy flew up from South Carolina for the weekend for the communion  – but, again, ehhh I wasn’t really feeling that idea either.  There’s too many parts and I could write a few slices about it, so I’ll save those for another day.  So, there I was last night thinking to myself “What in the world am I going to write about tomorrow?”  And then this morning happened….

It was just a typical morning in our house.  I was running around like a lunatic trying to get myself ready for school before waking up Emma.  “Am I going to get happy Emma or mad Emma?” I thought to myself.   Luckily, happy Emma decided to show up this morning – well, for the most part.   And thank goodness for that because of course, I was running a little behind schedule. Why does this always seem to happen when I need to get to work a teeny bit earlier?

Anyway, while Emma was brushing her teeth and hair in the bathroom, I was trying to fix my hair in the hallway (we have another mirror there).  Since I was running late, I decided it was going to be a ponytail day – quick and easy (or so I thought).  While I was brushing my wet hair into the ponytail, I started to get what felt like a muscle spasm in my back by my shoulder blades.  But, instead of stopping what I was doing that was probably causing the pain (because that would’ve been too smart), I continued to brush and brush and then attach the hair band, as the pain worsened.  I, apparently, just couldn’t abandon the hair – a decision I now regret.  Once I finished twisting on the hair band and put my arms down, I couldn’t bend my neck or turn my head without feeling pain radiating down my back, up my neck, and through my shoulder blade.  I tried to stretch – it got worse.  I tried to lay flat and stretch – it got worse.  Today was my first graders show for their parents, so I gathered the rest of my things (slowly), took some ibuprofen, and got on my way.

I completely believe that everyone learns something new every day.  And all day today, as I was trying to manage the pain, I was trying to figure out what lesson I was supposed to learn from this morning’s turn of events.  Here’s the two life lessons I came up with –

  1. I need to make sure to stretch before brushing my hair (and all other activities that may require movement).
  2. I need to do some (ok,
    a lot of) strength training exercises so I don’t injure myself carrying out my day to day activities.  I mean, if I can get hurt doing my hair, imagine what could happen if I were to clean the bathroom?!?


Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for this wonderful writing community where we can write and read slices and grow together as writers.  

7 thoughts on “Life Lesson for Today

  1. This happened to me in the middle of the night when I turned over in bed and two weeks later, I was having surgery on a herniated disc in my neck. Please be careful. For me, the muscle spasms were so great that I could not function. I hope your pain was just muscles. I’m guessing since you were able to write your slice that you are feeling better. Ice!

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  2. I think you should definitely swear off of cleaning the bathroom…or any other physical activities that might exacerbate your back and neck! 😉 Thank you for sharing and I hope you feel better!

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  3. Oh no! you definitely can NOT clean the bathroom!! 🙂 It is weird that we can pull or tweak something just by moving the wrong way! As kids I could sit like a pretzel for hours or jump out of a tree with barefeet and now I could pull a muscle shaving my legs!! ugh. I feel your pain. Oh and I Hope you’re feeling better after some relaxing!

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  4. I have done this too and right now I’m suffering from a stiff neck. I can’t turn to the right very far or else sharp pains that are almost nauseating shoot up my neck. I hope you feel better in the morning.

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