How Many More Days???

“Momma – How many more days til PawPaw gets here?”screen-shot-2017-02-22-at-10-42-06-am

Emma’s favorite question for about a week now.  To say she’s excited that he’s coming to visit would be an understatement.

Whenever I’ve answered this question, her usual response has been loud groaning and whining “Ughhhhhh, that’s too long.”

And I totally get it.  She’s frustrated that he isn’t here yet.  I probably should have never shown her the countdown app on my phone.  She’s 7 and doesn’t exibit that level of patience (at times I don’t either).  She misses him, wants him here, and there are just too many days left on that count down for her.  You see, she hasn’t seen her PawPaw in over a year – and of course that feels like an eternity for her.  Yes, she gets to talk to him on the phone – not as often as we’d like to.  And yes, she gets to occasionally FaceTime, but it’s not the same, and she knows it.  We have to keep reminding her that Grammy is coming too.  It’s not that she isn’t excited about Grammy (she absolutely adores her), but the bond she has with her PawPaw is indescribable and he just takes precedence – over anyone and anything.  (My two previous posts The Reunion and Precious Moments might help explain the bond a little more)

Last night, while PawPaw and Emma were on the phone, I really got to see how much she adores him.  The laughing, giggling, jokes, and small talk all while smiling.  (I imagine he was beaming on the other end too).  They haven’t spoken in a little while, but it was like no time has gone by at all.  I found myself getting teary listening to them towards the end of their convo.  Here’s a little snippet:

Emma (dramatic whining): “How mannnnny more daaaayyyyys til you’re here?”

PawPaw: “Miss Emma, I’ll be there in four more days.  All you have to do is wake up 4 more times and you and Daddy will be picking me and Grammy up from the airport.”

Emma (whining and throwing her head back): “Ugggghhhhh, that’s tooooooo long.  Toooo. Many. Days.  I wish you were here now!  I haven’t seen you in sooooo long!”

PawPaw: “I know, PawPaw wishes too.  I sure do miss you.”

Emma: “I miss you sooooooo much.”

They said their “I love yous” and “see you soons” and talked about getting/giving their “sugar” and got off the phone.  I couldn’t help but tear up and smile at the same time.  It’s just amazing to listen to them.

But, seriously, thank goodness they’ll be here Friday morning and the countdown can come to an end!  They are flying in for Emma’s First Holy Communion and staying for a long weekend.  We’re looking forward to a s-l-o-w four days of spending time with PawPaw and Grammy.  I think there may be a teeny bit of spoiling, but I know there will be lots and lots and lots of hugs!


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