My View

Missing just one day of writing made me sad.  Guess I should try to blog a few times a week.  The Slice of Life challenge has left me with this need to write.  It’s my nightly relaxation. Here’s a little poetry rough draft tonight.  There’s always revision that can be done!

My View

I’ve never sat at this window

Looked out and listened


An enormous tree

With branches hanging down

like long hair

Stands in front

No leaves yet,

So I can see the river.


The long skinny branches

dance in the breeze

There’s a nest

Up high in the tree

Maybe a home for the squirrels –


The wind switches direction –

A gentle breeze blows in the window

The sun peeks into the room

Onto my notebook

It’s warmth brings a smile to my face

I look out to see that sun

glistening on the water

Shimmering off the tops of the tiny waves

like twinkling stars in the night


I look to the right

White puffy clouds

paint pictures in the sky.

Tall, tall evergreens sway back and forth

as if they’re waltzing –

Birds are singing their own tunes.


As I stare out the window

I think about what will happen

once this big tree gets its leaves

New life will begin –

my view will end.

One thought on “My View

  1. I could picture the scene in your poem; it sounds so relaxing! I can relate to the odd feeling once the SOLC is over; this is my fifth year, and it still feels weird on April 1st, not getting up and immediately heading to the keyboard. I’m glad you’ve decided to continue writing!


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