What a Journey…

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Day 31 – March SOLSC

March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.

I can’t help but think that this line is more than just about the weather for me. This is was my first time participating in the Slice of Life Story Challenge.  Actually, it was my first time slicing – ever.  I just jumped right in to this challenge even though I had a million other things on my plate during the month (report cards, conferences, supply orders, meetings, study groups, and all of the things going on in my personal life).  But, I wanted to do it.  I wanted to learn.  I wanted to be a better teacher of writing.  I just wanted it – despite all of the stuff on my plate.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up.  Worried I wouldn’t have anything to say.  Worried I wouldn’t be good at writing.  Worried, excited, worried, excited – ROAR!

Yes, March definitely came in like a lion for me.

But now as the challenge comes to an end, I’m left in a calmer state of mind.  I have found that I actually do love writing.  I notice stories everywhere and find myself planning out ideas and looking for them all throughout the day.  I enjoy reading other people’s slices, learning about them, and borrowing techniques and structures.  I’ve written narratives, poetry, 6 word memoirs, and other structures.  I think one of the things that kept me going was knowing that there were people out there who were reading what I was writing and even enjoying it.  Having other writers comment on my posts felt like a writing conference.  They noticed and named techniques I used and gave feedback.  These little conferences were so helpful.  I had only told a few people in my life about this challenge – my husband, my daughter, my father in law, a close friend, and a few colleague friends.  At first,  I didn’t even tell my mom and brother.  I just told them to tell them.  I had no idea that they would actually read what I was writing.  Some people even texted me after reading and told me what they loved about what I wrote. I’ve really experienced, first hand,  just how much audience matters.  Audience motivates.  I wasn’t just writing for myself, but was writing for them and looked forward to hearing their thoughts – just like I looked forward to comments from other slicers.

One of my audience members has been my biggest fan.  I mean he actually told me that he was my #1 fan.  He wasn’t much of a reader until I shared my blog with him.  Once he told me that, it was like I was even more motivated to keep sharing my ideas.  He helped to keep me going on a different level.   Every day, he texted me after reading with these loving, confidence boosting words.  I’m not very good at taking compliments, but his always brought huge ear to ear smiles to my face and made my heart sing.  He’s the only dad that I have in my life right now, my father-in-law, my biggest fan.  I just have to share some of the texts he has sent me over the course of the year.  I hope you see just how much of an amazing father-in-law I have…

This writing challenge has been an amazing experience – a journey that I won’t forget.  I will miss posting every day, but will be back next year and will be slicing on Tuesdays.  In one month, my feelings about writing have completely changed.  I used to be scared of it and found no enjoyment with writing, whatsoever.  But now, writing is what I look forward to doing every day.  It lets me escape to another place for a little while.  I’ve learned about myself as a writer and look forward to learning more and more.  Thank you to the whole gang at Two Writing Teachers.  I’m so glad I found your blog.  Thank you for hosting this challenge.  It has let me learn about myself as a writer, meet new people through their blogs and slices, and helped me to feel more confident in my writing abilities.  I feel more like a writer today, than I did a month ago.  For me, writing is calming.  Yes, March is definitely going out like a lamb!


4 thoughts on “What a Journey…

  1. You’ve written a thoughtful and reflective post on your slicing experience–I’m so glad it was a positive one for you. Your father-in-law is a great cheerleader! I’m looking forward to “seeing” you on Tuesdays!

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