It’s been a week…

Day 30 – March SOLSC #sol17

I’m dragging myself to my slice tonight.  It’s not that I don’t want to (the complete opposite actually).  I’m not totally sure what I’m going to write about.  I have lots of ideas, but they feel like they’re all just swimming around in my brain – not really becoming anything.  I’m also, well, just, exhausted.  But, here goes…

As I’m thinking about this week, two words come to mind – Be Flexible.

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders have been taking the state ELA test and we’ve all had to pitch in to help out in some way.  Schedules get switched, accommodations are made, teachers are pulled to proctor or help out in other ways, and we all try our best to be respectful and empathetic towards the kids and teachers directly involved with the testing.  It’s an “all hands on deck” kind of thing.

Be Flexible.

During these 3 days, the building has been eerily quiet.  The classroom doors have stayed closed, teacher’s have been wearing quiet shoes so they don’t click clack through the halls, and the kids have been rockstars with staying quiet.  We all know what we have to do to help the older kids be able to concentrate.  Too bad we couldn’t turn off the sounds of the excavator working outside on the parking lot during the testing!

Be Flexible.

Luckily, my first graders don’t have to take this test – all we have to deal with is a schedule change and making sure we’re respectful.  Sounds like no big deal – it’s less stressful than taking the test, right?  However, the change in the schedule leaves us with a very, very, very long afternoon.  The first day, we were all good.  The second day it got a little harder, and more exhausting.  By the third day, it was like I was dragging myself to the finish line of the afternoon.  The kiddos handled the schedule change much better than I did, I must say.  But then again they had extra choice time and didn’t have to send an SOS for someone to cover the class so they could go use the bathroom.

Be Flexible.

The testing is over.  We will be back on our regular schedule tomorrow and just in time.  The forecast is calling for rain, so that means indoor recess (and maybe no excavator).   Indoor recess + a long afternoon would have been a recipe for disaster.  We lucked out – phew!  No matter what tomorrow brings, I will just do what I always do – Be flexible, go with the flow, and make time for laughter!  After all, I teach first grade – how can I not smile or laugh?!?

Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for created this amazing writing community!


6 thoughts on “It’s been a week…

  1. Be flexible. Be flexible. Be flexible. Your repetition is so well done here. Really drives the slice and your point. God, I hate testing time. The kids just seem so drained. It’s too much. Every little detail placed here paints the picture perfectly. It’s got that whole inhale/exhale feeling to it. Very nicely done!


  2. You have a much more positive attitude that I do about state testing; the change in the atmosphere in the school really gets to me, even in the library! Kudos for getting through the week, and taking the time to write about it.


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