Day 28 – March SOLSC #sol17

Tonight’s Slice is inspired by two other blogs I read towards the beginning of this challenge and just came across them while looking for ideas.  This was a little harder than I thought it would be, but then again, I am an over-thinker!  (You can find those blogs here and here)


Ambitious, Determined, Compassionate, Entertaining

Lover of learning, books, chocolate, and relaxing (when I can!)

Who wonders if I’ll find (or make) the time to read a “fun” book and if the dishes will wash themselves (I’m looking at a full sink right now)

Who fears flying, losing people I love, and heights.

Who feels happy when I’m snuggling with my daughter or husband, reading, or knitting/crocheting.

Who cares about helping children grow both socially and academically.

Who dreams of one day having a log cabin on a lake where we can relax and enjoy the peace.

Who resides in a small village in New York.



7 thoughts on “Biopoem

    • That’s totally it. I’m a very reflective person but more so on my teaching/decisions, rather than on myself, my hopes, dreams, etc. I thought I was going to fly through this poem and then found myself asking my husband for adjectives to describe me. Ha!

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  1. I liked learning these little bits about you; in fact, I was just wondering where you were located, since you are following Revathi Balakrishnan’s blog. I work with Revathi; she is one of the GT teachers on my campus!


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