Lucy In Charge

Day 27 – March SOLSC #sol17

I’ve decided to try something different tonight.  I’ve been observing my mom’s dog, Lucy, lately. She’s been sick for a few months, but is such a fighter.  Clearly, still the boss of the house!   So tonight, I decided to write a story from Lucy’s point of view.

I just finished my dinner – my first dinner of course.  I walk around the corner, go right in front of the couch and sit.  I just sit starring at her.  Emma, the kid, yeah, she’s in my spot.  I got up for 5 minutes to go eat my dinner and there she goes, jumping right into my spot.  Ugh, the nerve of her!

How am I going to get her to move?  Should I bark? – Nah, they’ll just say, “Oh Lucy, what’s wrong girl?” Or they’ll try to speak “dog” to me.  I don’t speak “human” to them, who knows why they try to speak “dog” to me.  Or they’ll think I have to go to the bathroom, so they’ll take me out.  So no, barking won’t work.

Should I growl? – Nah, that’ll get me in trouble.  My momma will yell ‘LUCY’ so loudly.  It will hurt my ears.  And she might stay mad and then no treats for me.  So no, growling won’t work.

Oh wait, I know what to do.  I stand up, still starring at her,  and start wagging my tail.  She sees what I’m doing – “Come on girl, you wanna get up here?”  But she doesn’t move.   One, two, three…up I go.  I turn around and sit my butt right onto Emma’s chest.  She still doesn’t move.  Just keeps on watching her show.

As I sit there, looking right at her mommy, her mommy starts to giggle and says “Hey Ma, look at your dog!  She’s sitting right on Emma’s chest.  Think she’s trying to tell her something?”  Yes, yes I am.  This isn’t funny.  She’s in my spot.  I was there first.  She stole it…Make her move!

My momma looks up from her iPad just as Emma says “Lucy, ugh, you’re on my chest and belly.”  Duh kid!  You’re in my spot.

Come on momma, you know what has to be done.  It’s like she heard me.   She says, “Emma, scoot over and give Lucy some room to lay down.”  That’s it Momma, you tell her.  Come on Emma – move it!

After what feels like lots of dog years have gone by, Emma finally scoots over and makes room. Ahhhhh that’s so much better.  A nice warm spot on MY couch.  Eventually, the humans do just what I want them to.  They think they’re in charge – I don’t think so.  This is the life!

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 9.42.18 PM

Lucy in ‘Her’ spot!


Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for created this amazing writing community!

6 thoughts on “Lucy In Charge

  1. Oh, Jen, I’m laughing so hard that I am crying . . .
    “They will try to speak dog to me!” – that I’ve never done with our dog. She has me well trained. Stands by the door when she wants to go outside, puts her nose on me when she needs food or water, and crawls under my chair when it storms.

    And oh, yeah. . . her spot on the love seat. As empty nesters, it’s ALL HERS and fully occupied!

    Beautiful post!

    Liked by 1 person

    • My mom totally tries to mimic the noises she makes when she’s trying to get her point across! And my mom responds with the same sounds. It’s like barking and whining together. Hilarious! This was probably one of the most fun slices to write.

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  2. What a fun p.o.v. post! We don’t have furry creatures of our own, so I always enjoy reading about others’ pets. I don’t know why, but I was expecting Lucy to be a bigger dog; it must be that big personality of hers!


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