An Afternoon with Grandma

Day 25 – March SOLSC #sol17

I’m so grateful to have one of my grandparents – my 89 year old Grandma (she would go nuts if she knew I just told her age).  She’s my dad’s mom and lives right across the street from my mom.  When my parents got married, they bought the house right across the street from the house he grew up in.  It’s a tiny dead end street with just 8 houses and the view at the end of the street is breathtaking.  My grandma’s house has these huge picture windows on the river side of the house.  Every room that you walk into has this view (even in the bathrooms)!

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 3.57.06 PM

This view keeps me here

Anyway, I come to my mom’s house often, but I don’t go see my grandma as much as I should.   So today, I decided to go over and visit.   Whenever going to Grandma’s, we always go to the back door.  She’s always in her kitchen watching her shows and sure enough that’s where she was today, but no TV.  Some times we sit at her kitchen table (that faces the river) and have cheese and wine.  Some times we have coffee.  For some reason today, we stood the whole time and chatted.  I must’ve been there for at least an hour, and we stood the whole time.  We were so involved in our conversation, we didn’t even realize we were standing.  When it occurred to us, we just started laughing.

Grandma is a talker and she talks and talks and talks.  I don’t always follow completely, because she jumps around, or goes off on Village issues or politics.  Often I leave with my head spinning!  She has lived in our village her whole life.  She is a wealth of knowledge and loves to share stories.  It’s in these moments of her storytelling that I see my dad.  Not only do I see his facial expressions on her face when she’s telling stories, but I see where he may have inherited his love for storytelling.  My dad was her first born (oldest of 5).  She tells me stories about when he was little, or in high school, or when he was in his 20s and 30s, or when I was born, etc.    She’s such a spiritual woman, and she shares with me the times she knows my dad is around.  She once told me, “You know Jen, you were your dad’s most precious gift.  Brian was too, but you were his first – his princess.  He was so very proud of you and proud to be your dad.”  It has stuck with me.  Today we were talking about my dad being the Fire Chief for so many years in our Village (all volunteer) and how my brother is becoming one of the chiefs in 2 weeks.  I teared up and told my grandma, “He is so much like dad.  It’s so amazing.  It gives me chills sometimes.”  Right as I finished talking, a cardinal flew by the window and landed in a nearby tree.  It looked as though it was staring at us in the window.  We both looked at each other – tears in our eyes.   My dad was there, right then, and we both felt it.

I’m so blessed to still have my grandma in my life.  We share a special bond that is hard to explain in words – but I feel it whenever I’m with her.  I hope her heart is as happy as mine is after our little afternoon together.


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5 thoughts on “An Afternoon with Grandma

  1. You are very lucky. A grandma is a special gift. I used to love spending time with my Grandma… she passed away over a year ago. Today would have been her 91 birthday. Glad you had that moment and the cardinal today!

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  2. Yes, you are very lucky. Both of my grandfathers died before I was born. My maternal grandmother died before I was 2. The only grandmother I remember, my father’s mother, died when I was in college. We never lived near her, and, though I loved her, I didn’t really know her very well.


  3. Even with infrequent visits, you have a special relationship with your grandmother; it shines through this post. Another great memory to look back on for many years! Words are the best scrapbook of all.


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