One Little Word Reflection

Day 24 – March SOLSC #sol17

While searching through my “Slice of Life” folder on my computer, I came across a document I made after reading some blogs.  I wrote down ideas for writing structures to try and linked different blogs to use as mentors.  I came across the link to Jenna Hansen’s OLW reflection.  I read it again and decided this is what I need to write about today.

I came up with my OLW after reading lots of posts on Two Writing Teachers as well as seeing posts on Twitter.  I’ve been learning more about Mindfulness practices and have been trying to incorporate more exercises into my life, both at home and with my kids at school.  The word for 2017 that is I chose is Breathe.  I always feel like I’m rushing around, like life is moving too fast, and I feel my anxiety build in different situation.  I also have a lovely little girl who can feel like a handful at times, so breathe seemed like a good choice for me.  A way to slow down and calm myself.

Now have I kept up with my OLW?  No.  Have I checked in and reflected?  First time is tonight.  The idea I had in my head about this word as not come to life completely yet.  But these last few days have reminded me of why I chose this word and how necessary it is for me.  I’m finding myself constantly on the go (mind, body, both) and I know I’ve been less patient with my daughter.  I haven’t been reminding myself to breathe through frustrations and lose my temper too quickly.  Emma has always been the kid who stops to smell the roses (literally every rose) no matter where or when.  I’ve written a post about her showers and mornings.  She does nothing quickly or without reminders.  And this year in school (2nd grade), she’s been having reading difficulties and some attentional difficulties risen (well they’ve been there in some capacity all along, they just seem to be impacting her in school now).  She’s receiving reading intervention and is making excellent progress – YAY!  So now we’re trying to get a handle on the attention.   Being the teacher mom that I am, I’ve always had this attentional piece on my mind, but it’s still hard to hear it and take next steps.  (Breathe in, breathe out.)  I also know that she’s not losing focus on purpose.  She’s not trying to make me go bananas, but I do. (Breathe in, breathe out.)  In this past week, I have lost my patience too easily – if only I would’ve checked in with my OLW.

So now’s the time.  Now’s the time to refocus.  Time to focus on breathing instead of reacting.  Maybe I can get Emma to join me on this journey to remember to breathe when I feel anxious, frustrated, worried, or angry.  We can start our own Mommy and daughter mindfulness practices.  It can benefit us both.  Breathe, just breathe.


Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for created this amazing writing community!

7 thoughts on “One Little Word Reflection

  1. I put my word up by the light switch in my bedroom as a reminder. That way, I can keep it in mind throughout the day. I also know people who make it the lock screen on their phones.

    Breathe is a good word. I have to remind myself to do so often.

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  2. I think it’s a wonderful idea to get Emma on board with the breathing. What’s old is new again, and gaining ground with scientific backup–mindfulness is a good practice for all ages. Our neighboring district has implemented mindfulness practices on several elementary campuses with good results; they’ve seen a decrease in attention issues as well.


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