Dinner time

Day 20 – March SOLSC #sol17

A few times a week, we go to my mom’s house for dinner.  Since my dad isn’t here anymore, I have this strong desire to always check on her and make sure she’s eating and ok.  I worry about her more now than I ever did when my dad was still alive.  I know she’s a grown up and can take care of herself, but I want to take care of her a little bit.  After all, she took care of me for many many years (and still does in many ways).  Tonight’s dinner wasn’t our typical dinner where one of us cooks, the other helps, and vice versa.  Tonight there was a pleasant surprise in her kitchen.

My mom had called me and told me she was stuck working later than she thought.  at work.  No problem, I picked up the few things we needed from the store and got Emma from her after school program.  We got to the house, and I went right to the kitchen, took the things out of the bags, and got started.  Interestingly, while I was doing all this, Emma was sort of following me around (definitely not like her).  Whenever we get to my mom’s house, Emma jumps right in to playing with her stuff – all of her stuff.  But today was different.

“Momma, can I help you with dinner?”

I was taken aback by this question.  Whenever I ask her to help, I usually get an eye roll, grunt, and “no thank you” – with attitude.  (That attitude is going to take her places one day, right!?)  

I turned around, looked right at her, and said, “Wait you want to help me with dinner?”

“Yeah.  I can peel the carrots.  I know how to do that.  But I don’t want to stand over the stinky garbage can.”

I got her down a bowl to put the peels in.  She peeled all of the carrots and then started on the potatoes.  I couldn’t help but watch her and smile.  When my mom walked in, she stopped and stared too.  A huge smile came across her face as well.  “I’m making peel salad!” Emma shouted.  And then the giggles ensued!

My mom jumped right in and started making the gravy.  I cut up the carrots and trimmed the string beans.  Emma continued to peel the potatoes – but couldn’t wait to smash them. The three of us were all working at our “station” at the counter.  Emma stopped, looked up and said, “Hey look, it’s a mom, daughter, and granddaughter making dinner together,” and got back to peeling.

A simple observation for the granddaughter.  A moment that will be held close to the hearts of the mom and daughter.  Three generations of strong-willed women making dinner together – without arguing!


Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for created this amazing writing community!

3 thoughts on “Dinner time

  1. A beautiful dinnertime preparation memory. My mom and my grandmother (on my dad’s side) taught me how to cook and I still cherish the times spent in the kitchen with them. Sometimes, life gets so chaotic and somehow requires so much multitasking that I forget how fun, and even relaxing, simply working together to cook can be.

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    • I totally forget how fun it can be. There are times when my daughter wants to help and I’ve probably discouraged it because of the bigger mess she makes. Have to remember to slow down and enjoy our time together.


  2. You capture your family memories so well. I could picture the kitchen scene in my mind. I hope there are more cooking episodes together with your mom and daughter!

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