Differing Points of View

Day 17 – March SOLSC #sol17

My daughter, Emma, is 7 years old.  She’s just a kid.  I’m obviously much older than 7 and no longer a kid (most days) so it shouldn’t be a surprise that we have different views about things.  When she learned about opinion writing in first grade last year, her favorite line whenever she didn’t like what I said or disagreed was “well that’s just your opinion.”  She still uses that line today, just not as much as she did while in the middle of that writing unit.  The other night, when she was in the shower for what seemed like forever, I started to think about our differing views on the simple task of taking showers.  I’ve been meaning to write about it since then.

Showers –  my point of view:

For me, showers serve a clear purpose  – to wash and rinse your body.  If showering in the morning – a time to wake up and rejuvenate,  then wash and rinse – quickly. If showering a night – a time to relax a bit, then wash and rinse.  When I became a mom, they were my little break or escape from reality – before Emma was able to open the door and walk in.  Now, showering is just another job I do.

Showers – Emma’s point of view:

For Emma, a shower’s purpose is very different from mine.  Yes, she knows she has to clean her body, but it’s not top priority.  For Emma, showers are like a vehicle that can transport you to another land – a land where imagination runs wild and time stops. It’s a place to practice singing every song your brain can think of and even making up your own songs.  It’s a place to practice music – Did you know that snapping your fingers in the stream of water makes a very different sound then when you snap out of the water?  It’s a time to let the water continuously run down your body for at least 15 minutes before even touching the soap (and even then your mom has to say “did you use soap yet?”).  It’s a place to do science experiments (not sure how the medicine dropper and petri dish get in there). One of your science experiments might even be “How to make your very own 2 in 1 shampoo.”  All you have to do is just dump half of the conditioner down the drain, and then add the shampoo to that bottle – ta da 2 in 1.  It’s a place to get lost in thought and talk to yourself.  Finally, after several (and I mean several) check ins and reminders, it’s a time to wash your hair and body – with soap (and the tiles).

Obviously we see showers in different lights and they serve a different purpose for us.  We both get cleansed, but I’m always rushing and she knows how to enjoy her shower time. Her long showers do drive me a little bananas – especially when it’s bedtime.  But maybe, just maybe, I’m a little jealous.  Maybe, I want to be more like Emma.  I want to get lost in the shower, relax and let my imagination run wild (and not worry about time).  Yup that’s it. I need to make time to be more like my daughter. To stop and smell the roses and not be driven by time. Grown ups need to learn from their kids. Relax and sing in the shower – Just don’t be late for work!


Thank you to the team of writers at Two Writing Teachers for created this amazing writing community!

4 thoughts on “Differing Points of View

  1. Sometimes I go to check on my 4 year old and he has left the shower without me knowing. Our tub is full of toys too, and every morning I have to decide if I am going to clean them up so I can shower alone, or if I will just work around them.


  2. This was a lovely point of view piece! I could see this as a writing assignment for students, too–take an everyday chore and see it from your point of view, and your parent’s.


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