Precious Moments

Day 7 SOLSC #sol17

Ever since writing the first two stories about my husband and his father, I can’t help but get lost in all of those memories.  All of the firsts – first hellos, first hugs, first “I love yous,” first birthdays, first holidays.  There are so many unforgettable moments, but with the help of Brad’s dad (he’s reading my blog daily), I got this idea to share three of our favorites – one from Andy, one from Brad, and one from me.  Of course the challenge was choosing just one, but interestingly the three of us were able to pick are favorite moment quickly and ironically they all have to do with Emma.

Andy refers to Emma as his heart.  When Emma went right to him, let him pick her up, and hugged his neck (that’s what he says) within seconds of meeting him, we all knew they shared something special.  But, the day Emma gave him a smooch, was the moment he holds close to his heart.  All he had to say was”Emma, come give PawPaw some sugar,” and she walked right over and laid one on him.  He once told me that every time he sees this picture and thinks about it, he gets a lump in his throat, his eyes fill up with tears, and he just thanks God for his special gift – his princess.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 3.33.29 PM

When I asked Brad to share his favorite moment, it took him no time to start telling stories about his dad and Emma – particularly the time she sat on his lap, and helped drive his boat.  He talks a lot about how much they interacted with each other on that first visit as if they were lifelong buddies.  Brad has told me that seeing Emma and his dad together is like seeing what he missed out with his dad, as well as seeing what it would have been like if he got to spend time with his grandpa.  Two things he can never get back, but at least he can  experience it watching the two of them.

Emma driving pawpaw's boat

And lastly, my most special memory.  The one that tugs at my heartstrings – the first time Emma fell asleep in her PawPaw’s arms.  PJs were put on, cup of milk finished, and she climbed right up into his lap, cuddled up, and they were both asleep within minutes.  I remember sitting there observing (always a teacher!).  I watched them sleep for a long time (and took pictures).  I couldn’t help but notice a little grin, small smile, on Andy’s face as he held her.  Pure bliss.  As I watched, I could feel the joy fill my heart.  I find comfort in watching them together, and seeing how much they adore each other.

1st time falling asleep


I’m sure the constant camera in their faces can get annoying, but I know we’re all thankful I recorded these memories.  It helps us relive those days.  Who would’ve thought that one day these pictures and memories would become my inspiration?











8 thoughts on “Precious Moments

  1. I love how you incorporated these different stories into one slice. The feeling are well written -‘he gets a lump in his throat, his eyes fill up with tears, and he just thanks God…’ Great work!

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  2. Such special memories. And thank goodness for words and pictures, to help us capture them for lifetimes to come. This post has me smiling with contentment.

    Liked by 1 person

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