Expressions of Gratitude


Day 4 – SOLSC #sol17

Yesterday was an emotional day.  Moments of sadness, moments of happiness, moments of anger, and moments of peace.  It got me thinking about how even in moments of sadness, there’s still so much to be grateful for.  So much that I’m blessed with.  Losing my dad so suddenly was a tradegy.  I could have easily remained sad and depressed all these years.  But if I did that, then I wouldn’t be living the life that my dad would have wanted.  He was not perfect my any means, but he always found ways to focus on the positive, to find the good, and in turn, find ways to live a life filled with more happiness than sadness.  Thinking about the way he lived lead me to reflect on what I’m grateful for and all the blessings I have that make me happy.  I tried to capture my thoughts in this list:

I’m grateful for…

  1. My mom – she is one of the strongest women I know.  She amazes me.  She hasn’t had it easy, but she keeps on going – supporting and loving us all.
  2. My brother – over the years, we’ve grown closer.  Losing my dad has created a stronger bond.  I see so much of my father in him and it makes my heart happy.  He’s no longer just my little brother.  He’s my friend.
  3. My husband – he’s my rock, my best friend, the love of my life.
  4. My daughter – she is God’s greatest gift to us.  She is a stubborn, determined, and sassy little girl, but I just know she’s going places one day.
  5. My extended family – I might not see them all the time, but family is forever no matter what.
  6. My friends – life keeps us busy and we don’t get to spend as much time together, but we all know how much we love each other, even if life and miles keep us apart.
  7. My father in law – the day we found him was the day a part of my heart healed a little (this story will have to be its own post).
  8. My job – lifelong learning with 6 year olds is the most rewarding job in with world.
  9. My home – even though it’s a mess we have a roof over our heads & warm beds.
  10. Memories of my dad – they allow me to keep him living on in my heart.
  11. My 89-year-old grandmother – my dad’s mom.  We share stories and memories about my dad.  She shares life stories and is a wealth of knowledge.
  12. My health – this one speaks for itself.
  13. Photographs – I have so many of my childhood, and ones of my dad.  They help me keep those memories fresh.  I get to see my dad’s smile and sometimes that’s all I need to keep going.
  14. Coffee – I’m a mom and First Grade teacher.  This is necessary for survival.
  15. My church – I still go to my childhood church and my daughter is now receiving her sacraments in the same church.
  16. Memories – without them I’d be lost.
  17. Books – my escape to other places or my guides to new learning.
  18. Yarn – to feed my knitting and crocheting addiction!
  19. Signs my dad sends me – rainbows, pennies, cardinals
  20. Slice of Life community – The Two Writing teachers have created this community and it has given me a way to begin to enjoy writing.

I’m sure once I hit “publish,” I will think of many, many more things that I’m grateful for.  And that’s ok.  If I take a moment every day to stop and think about my blessings and express my gratitude, I will continue to lead a happy life.


What are you grateful for today?



3 thoughts on “Expressions of Gratitude

  1. I have kept a gratitude journal for almost two decades now. Five things written down every night before I sleep. It truly helps ease one’s mind and heart. You have a lot to be grateful for!


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