A hard day…


Day 3 – SOLSC #sol17

This is a date that I will never forget.  Some people wonder why I would want to remember it, but it’s not that I want to.  I just do.  I can’t control it.  I see the date – my mind remembers.  I hear the date – My mind remembers.   It’s not a day I celebrate.  It’s not an anniversary I enjoy.  But, I remember it because it marks the day when my life changed forever.   11 years ago I lost my dad, my hero, when God called him home.

He would have been so proud of me taking on this writing challenge and I know he would’ve read my posts every day.  He may have even emailed this blog to all of his friends and our family.  He once took the first report card I ever got with straight A’s, made like 10 copies, and hung it around our neighborhood for all to see.  I remember being so embarrassed when I saw what he did.  He was just that proud dad.

I was going to write all about the day I lost him, but after reading Michelle Haseltine’s Slice about her dad (click here to read her post), I was inspired to try a poem.  So here goes…



“Those whom we have loved never really leave us.  They live on forever in our hearts and cast their radiant light onto our every shadow.” S. Rossetti

Love you and miss you Dad every minute of every day.


5 thoughts on “A hard day…

  1. Such a wonderful tribute to your dad, Jen. I think you captured the kind of person he was with the ear-to-ear smile and cackling laugh – all the “I’m proud of you.” He seemed to be a happy person, content with himself and able to pour out love and wisdom. You carry him with you in your heart. Thanks for sharing your dad with the slicers.

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  2. What a wonderful tribute! Your descriptions of him make me wish I had known him. It’s good that you are writing those memories of him. In the same way he shared your report card for all to see, you are sharing him with all of us. Thank you.

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  3. What a blessing that you can use writing today to keep your Dad close. I’m so sorry for your loss–your Dad sounds like a wonderful person. I admire you for keeping his memories alive and sharing him with the world through your poetry.

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  4. This post resonates strongly with me, as I experience the same feelings every year in June, the month I lost my mom. What beautiful memories you’ve put in writing; thanks for sharing them with us in your slice!

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